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TEC HUSTLER 3500ES 3.75KVA Petrol Generator Battery Start



Product features

  • 100% copper coil
  • Compact. Fits into limited space
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Open body design for efficient heat exchange
  • Rated power -3Kw

Product features

  • Optimized Alternator Design- Loads 1 1.5hp Air Conditioner plus other Appliances.
  • 500 hours Continuous Running Design
  • Better Fuel Efficiency and Engine Vibration.
  • Electric Start Option
  • Comes with wheels and Handles

Features in detail

Hustler max3500Es 3.0/3.3Kw

Gas Generator HUSTLER Key Benefits

100% Copper Coil Copper coils increase motor electrical energy efficiencies in generators, which also increase the lifespan of the generator and gives you utmost value for your money.

100% Power Output Guaranteed Unlike the competition, Thermocool Engineering’s Hustler generators deliver stated powered output.

Easy Button Start Conveniently start the generator with just the push of a button.

Fuel economy Saves money spent on purchasing fuel and also emits less fumes.

Reduced Noise level Thermocool Engineering’s top of the line generators produce less noise and promote a quieter environment. 

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